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Walk Through the Front Door

WALK THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR: Today would have been Jack and Jackie's 66th Wedding Anniversary. Did you know that Jackie O's dress was designed by a black seamstress named Ann Lowe?⁠

A photo of Jacqueline Kennedy in her wedding gown was featured in the December 1966 issue of⁠ EBONY Magazine. The Washington Post was reportedly one of the only outlets to ⁠give Lowe credit for her work. When an actress wore one of Lowe's gowns to accept her Academy Award, Lowe's label on the dress had been replaced with another. ⁠

"A week before the Kennedy wedding, Lowe's workroom flooded, ruining 10 of the 15 gowns, including the wedding dress. Lowe and staff worked around the clock for a week to remake the dresses. The wedding gown originally took eight weeks to make—it was duplicated in five days."⁠ ⁠ When Lowe arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, to deliver the bridal party's dresses, the staff at the front door would not let her enter, telling her to use the back door. Lowe reportedly countered, "I'll take the dresses back" if she had to use the back door—and walked through the front door."⁠” ⁠

Note the challenges facing brave, female, African-American entrepreneurs. In a day and age when almost anything seemed to work against their fight for their place in this world, they were American heroes, armed with needle and thread.⁠

Excerpt above from https://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/lowe

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