• Jeni Hansen

My Heart is Full!

MY HEART IS FULL 💕 Three things 1) There are no days off from being THIS amazing. At 100 years old, VPB went right back to WORK today because she wanted to make hats, and she knew more friends were coming over for more cake and ice cream I never get sick of asking her what her favorite ice cream is; she always gets bashful and whispers “vanilla” 🍦👵🏽

2) She gifted me half of her hat store Bené Millinery so stay tuned to see what we make together 💕

3) I am some version of tired I can’t even describe. Ten weeks of planning, one all nighter — and when I tell you she pulled one too — I cannot keep up with this woman!!! And, I cannot be more impressed.

God, thank you for the gift of Vanilla Beane. Hats off to you, grandma!

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