• Jeni Hansen

History in the Making!

💕 HISTORY IN THE MAKING! I thought to myself — What do you do when you turn 100? You go to the White House. You have tea with the Mayor of Washington. You see YOUR OWN EXHIBIT in the NMAAHC and record YOUR OWN VOICE for the archives, so that everyone can hear your precious words for all of eternity. You celebrate the small business you built, with your own hands, with your long-time neighbors AND American royalty. You meet history head on with things you could not have done 100 years ago. When planning this day, I wanted EVERYTHING for the person who has given me everything.

I seem to keep asking myself “what would you do?” What would you do if you had a dream? Thank you, Vanilla Beane, for having a dream. When I think about the mountains I’ve climbed, nothing I have hurdled compares to what she has come through. The world in the last century -- just wow! For all the things she couldn't do or be...I look with the deepest gratitude at how far she has come, just for me.

Here is a preview of the crowning moments from VPB’s 100th birthday. If you know me, there’s more to come!

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