FAQ | Please note our new policies as of September 2019

For media requests, please contact Jeni Hansen at jeni@jenihansen.com

What are your store hours?

Please note, the hat shop will be open by appointment only. Kindly give us a call to set up a time to stop by.

M - S | 11am - 6pm

Closed on Sundays

How can I order a custom-made hat?


  • Please email us with your request; we will acknowledge receipt within 24-hours

  • Submit a photo of a hat similar to what you would like designed

  • Note the exact color using the Pantone® Matching System Color Chart, so that we can match the color exactly (Please see chart)

  • Be as specific as possible about other details (ie. size of brim, in inches)

In person

  • Please bring a swatch to your appointment

What are the prices of custom-made hats?

  • Custom-made hats start at $150 USD

  • Please allow up to two (2) weeks for custom-made hats, or alterations (subject to availability of materials)

  • All prices for custom-made hats will be quoted prior to beginning the design process

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is due at the time of order

  • Alterations on new purchases within seven (7) days of purchase will be complimentary 

  • All sales are final

Do you alter or design hats not purchased at Bené Millinery?

  • ​Hats that are partially designed by Bené, or made with materials purchased by the customer, will receive a 10% discount

    • Please bring materials in-person to your appointment so that we can assess them

  • Customizations to hats not purchased at Bené will start at $50 per hat, depending on intricacy of design

  • Alterations on new purchases within seven (7) days of purchase will be complimentary

  • All sales are final

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • Bené Millinery is now a cashless establishment! We accept all major credit cards and PayPal only

Are all hats shown online for sale?

  • Hats pictured in the "gallery" section of this website are creations that have been ordered, custom-made, and sold to our esteemed clients. These are examples of Mrs. Beane's fine work.

  • Hats featured in the "online store" section of this website are for purchase.

What is your pick-up or shipping policy?

  • Items must be picked up in person, by appointment only

  • Any special request local deliveries will incur a $25 courier charge

  • Flat rate shipping and insurance starts at $25 per box (domestic only)

  • International shipping and insurance charges at cost

  • All items shipped will be insured; therefore, an adult-signature is required

What is your rush-order policy?

  • Fees are as follow:

    • Within one (1) week + $50

    • Within 48 hours + $100

    • More complicated alterations may extend the design time and cost of the item

What is your alteration policy?

  • Alterations on new purchases within seven (7) days of purchase will be complimentary

Who can I contact for questions or media inquiries?

What does it mean for a hat to be "custom-made?"

  • Many of the hats you see on this site are custom-made; they have been designed specifically for a client and sold. If you see a style you like, it's possible for a similar hat to be made! Please note each custom-made hat will have its own unique personality as these hats cannot be replicated identically 

  • While Bené Millinery does sell some hats that are purchased from reputable factories, Vanilla Beane still designs custom-made works of art at her hat shop

  • Each custom-made hat has its own unique personality, and it’s almost impossible to duplicate a design completely

Why does it take up to two (2) weeks to have a hat created?

  • Vanilla Beane is the sole designer of her custom-made hats. Hats are made one at a time. At 100-years old, we are thankful she is still continuing her craft today!


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